© 2016 by Brittany Brown Ceres. © 2003 Image by Andy Mogg

Check out the latest work: "Terrain" Directed by Kate Mitchell
         Choreography by Bianca Cabrera, Brittany Ceres & Claudia Hubiak
Watch the Video

dance ceres acknowledges the immense dedication and talent of Emma Stewart, whose desire and attack helped bring dance ceres to life.

With enormous thanks to the many dancers who have shared their talents and enthusiasm throughout the years:

Cari Delaplane • Claudia Hubiak • Becca Rozell •  Joseph Copley •  Miranda Mallard • Gianna Shepard • Max Cauthorn • Anna Greenberg • Sarah Sandoval • Rebecca Gilbert • Stephannie Ballas • Kristin Damrow • Jayme Winell • Erin Okayama • Emma Stewart • Elizebeth Randall •

 Joan Lazarus • Marlena Penny Oden • Shaunna Vella • Jenny Ward • Jennifer Kesler • Colleen Phillips • Roel Seeber • Yukie Fujimoto • 

Sonya Smith • Damara Ganley •  Amy Ray Kingwill • Erin DeLosier

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